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The paternoster rack system is based on the rotating shelf technology developed by the Hohentengen-seated SEYBOLD + Co. company. On 1 February 2004, SEYBOLD+Burka GmbH / Co. KG, based in Ummendorf, took over development, production, know-how and assembly from the Seybold + Co. company. Over a period of more than 30 years diverse, tailor-made solutions have been delivered to more than 900 customers worldwide. The technology excels through superior performance and outstanding durability.


Our company in Ummendorf is situated only a few minutes from the district town Biberach/Riß. Nearby you can see the main road B30 (Ulm-Friedrichshafen) with direct connection to the motorways A7 and A8.


SEYBOLD+Burka paternoster rack systems are welded steel constructions. There are different load and height-specific constructions with a maximum column load of 20 tons.
Paternoster rack systems, designs, carrying units and accessories.


  • Assembly and initial starting of the system
  • Regular maintenance
  • Testing of regulations for prevention of industrial accidents
  • Repair service
  • Rebuildings/modifications
  • Relocations

Change of use

Even if an paternoster rack system has been in use for many years it maintains its profitability also after a change of use. This is due to its modular design. We can carry out for you the conceptual planning for a change of use.