Paternoster Regale - Bauformen

Designs Paternoster rack systems

Several basic designs of SEYBOLD+Burka carousel shelves are available. These basic types are specially adapted to the customer needs and requirements.

Paternoster rack MONO

Single rotating shelf system
Thanks to a variable carrying unit design, a wide variety of different goods can be stored with this cost-efficient basic version. The single rotating system enables quick access to the goods held in stock.

Paternoster rack MULTI

Double and multiple rotating shelf system
The characteristics are similar to the MONO design; in addition, this layout achieves an optimum use of space.

Paternoster rack PLUS

MONO/MULTI with add-on infeed / removal station
The add-on infeed / removal station permits accessing the goods in stock from atop. Using a crane system (optionally fitted to the IPS) offers the possibility to move exceptionally heavy loads without any problems at all. Moreover, the IPS can be accessed externally from adjoining work areas or even from outside.

Paternoster rack VARIO

Multiple rotating shelf system enabling a maximum utilisation of space
This implementation is a special solution to customer-specific space considerations. With so-called “bridges” even the space above work areas, transport routes or other areas can be used efficiently.