Paternoster Regal

Carrying units for paternoster rack systems

We have suitable carrying units for any goods to be stored. We offer a number of standard carrying units but can also realize individual solutions.

Carrying unit

We offer the appropriate carrying unit for all specific transport boxes of any profile supplier.

Carrying unit
Pipes and rods

for loose goods, pipes, bars, profiles of all types and lengths up to 12 m. The carrying units can be subdivided into individual sections.

Carrying unit

for the storage of rolls, rolls of fabric, cable reels, etc. The goods can be stored on yoke tubes or with arbors or centering arbors.

Carrying unit
Cases and Boxes

for the storage and supply of cases, boxes and modular storage systems of any kind.

Carrying unit

V-shaped tray design for various components which are stored conically.

Carrying unit

Cases for Profiles (eg. window construction)


Carrying unit Individual

adjusted individually to your goods to be stored. The carrying units shown are representing only a few of many possibilities. With individual solutions almost any conceivable goods can be stored.

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