Paternoster Regal

Paternoster rack system, carrying units und accessories

Maximum utilisation of space
The paternoster rack system enables the utilisation of unused and unprofitable space.

Short access times
The design of a continuously rotating storage and conveyor system provides fast access to the goods in stock. The storage process can be controlled automatically by using appropriate control systems.

Custom-made solutions
We build custom solutions conformed to our customers’ requirements and specifications. If desired, the shelf system can, for example, be fitted with an add-on feeding station in order to feed the goods externally (through a wall).

Paternoster rack system Designs

The right paternoster shelf for every requirement. From single-track design, MONO, to multi-track carousel shelves with additional, attached loading and unloading station.

Carrying units

We have suitable carrying units for any goods to be stored. We offer a number of standard carrying units but can also realize individual solutions.


various electronic pre-set control systems linked to an external EDP system, moveable electric chain hoists attached to the IPS, additional operating and lateral removal stations, light barriers (for different functions), covering (Sheet metal / grids / tubes)