System Paternoster Regal

The paternoster rack system
and carrying units from

SEYBOLD+Burka paternoster rack systems are welded steel constructions. There are different load and height-specific constructions with a maximum column load of 20 tons.

Thanks to a symmetric layout featuring supporting elements that run on a load chain the pater noster can be adjusted to a vast array of industrial storage tasks. 

A distinctive feature is the suspension distance between the supporting elements, enabling access to the stored material from atop.

Advantages of the paternoster rack systems from SEYBOLD+Burka

Maximum utilisation of space

The paternoster rack system enables the utilisation of unused and unprofitable space.

Bulky, heavy and long goods

The design of our paternoster rack system permits the storage of extremely heavy and bulky goods (more than 2 tons per carrying unit). Thanks to the variable layout of the carrying units, goods with a length of up to 12 metres can be carried.

Short access times

The design of a continuously rotating storage and conveyor system provides fast access to the goods in stock. The storage process can be controlled automatically by using appropriate control systems.

Custom-made solutions

We build custom solutions conformed to our customers’ requirements and specifications. If desired, the shelf system can, for example, be fitted with an add-on feeding station in order to feed the goods externally (through a wall).