Paternoster Regale (Umlaufregale) und Lagersysteme

SEYBOLD+Burka GmbH & Co. KG
Maschinen- und Metallbau

Producer of industrial paternoster rack systems

SEYBOLD+Burka rotating shelf systems are welded steel constructions. There are different load and height-specific constructions with a maximum column load of 20 tons.

Thanks to a symmetric layout featuring supporting elements that run on a load chain the pater noster can be adjusted to a vast array of industrial storage tasks.  A distinctive feature is the suspension distance between the supporting elements, enabling access to the stored material from atop.

Made in Germany

Paternoster rack system

The right paternoster shelf for every requirement. From single-track design, MONO, to multi-track paternoster shelves (carousel shelves) with additional, attached loading and unloading station.


What would they like to store?

Long goods, plates, profiles, stacking boxes, parts, devices, pipes, shafts, pulleys, rollers, cable drums, tools, etc. We offer the right carrier set in the paternoster shelf for any storage product.

Producer of paternoster rack systems

Planning, production, and installation of carousel shelf systems. Other services include maintenance, repair, and conversion work.


Paternoster rack systems

Our paternoster shelves (carousel shelves) and storage system are unique automated paternoster shelves, based on mechanically simple, low-wear chain drives. This economic paternoster technology, completely Made in Germany, allows merging and utilising unused ceiling heights or, by means of breakthroughs, spaces above and below as storage space to the maximum possible extent. The paternoster shelf (carousel shelf), with its specially adapted carrier sets and receiving spaces, permits addition and removal of any material in a comfortable, and most importantly safe, manner. A specially developed modular system allows for cost-effective solutions despite custom adjustments to each application. Of course, all variants of our Paternoster shelves and carousels comply with the applicable accident prevention regulations and workplace safety guidelines (CE conformity) and impress with quick handling, enormous storage capacity, and advanced safety.

Paternoster rack system

Paternoster rack system

Paternoster rack system

Paternoster rack system